askblog of the world's greatest marksman.

Clint Barton here. Feel free to shoot me any questions. Pun intended.

(based primarily on the avengers movieverse)

"But to answer your question, back when SHIELD was… still a thing, they usually provided our gear for missions, so we were always given uniforms for the appropriate climate."

"If I had a suit like Falcon’s? Something like this, I’d imagine.

As for other weapons, I have been known to pick up Cap’s shield from time to time, but other than that… not really.”

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"I actually didn’t expect Natasha to seriously start wearing it. I got it for her as a gag gift, mostly; passed by the necklace in a shop front and just couldn’t resist. I’m… pretty flattered, I guess, that she decided to start wearing it for real. Don’t know what it means, really, but…"

"We don’t go for it often, though. Only gone out for it a few times since New York, really."

Thanks, anon! Means a lot when I hear from you fans, I really appreciate it. Keeps me going when I’m down, y’know?

"And who says I have plans to ask Natasha out? It’d be… none of your business, anyway."

"Was on assignment in Europe when everything went to shit. Didn’t even realize anything was wrong until my extraction team never arrived, but by then it was too late to get to D.C.

As for your other concern, I wouldn’t worry. I mean, I’m not losing Natasha. If anything, I’m really glad she’s opening up to Cap and the others, making friends. She deserves that, y’know?”


big dumb loser with a big dumb sleeveless coat


big dumb loser with a big dumb sleeveless coat